Village Plaza Shopping centre provides you with a simple solution for this question. Uniquely designed shop directory will guide you to find what you need, simple and fast. Click on the shop name in the categories section below or from the shops list on the left. View the description of the store to help narrow your search. Store contact details and location information is provided for your convenience.
FRESH - Groceries, Supermarket, Flowers+
ALDI Supermarket
• Yuni Flowers
• Hi Mart Grocery
• Village Frash Grocery
RELAX - Fitness, Cake, Cafe, Liquid, Massage+
• Bay Fitness
• Cake and Bakery
Chamders Cellars
• Cafe Clover
• Cafe Scenario
Jia Jia Massage
STYLE - Wedding, Home accessory, Hair salon, Dry cleaning+
• Cora Wedding
• Better Home Accessories
Catur Hair Salon
• Mobile Avenue
• Maria Hair and Beauty
• Neat & Fit Dry Cleanner & Tailor
FOOD - japanese, Chinese, Italian restaurant+
Jade Delight Chinese Restaurant
• Midori Shushi
• Zenoya
Pizzeria Locale
CONVENIENCE - Post, Medical, News Agency, Tobacco, Chemist+
Australia Post
Medical Centre
• My Dental Care
• Sheperds Bay News Agency
TSG Tobacco Station & Gifts
YouSave Chemist
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